Mariannick Saint-Céran, generous singer from Madagascar, approaches her various projects through an art finding its roots in Swing and Groove.

“Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald” remains a special place of expression for Mariannick for whom the Diva is an all time inspiration.
"Vira Pro Gil" (about Gilberto Gil), "We want Nina!" (tribute to Nina Simone) or "Rive Gauche"(timeless French standards songs) have become established classics, truly re-invested by Mariannick Saint-Céran and by the musicians accompanying her.
Not only a Singer but also a Songwriter, Mariannick released an opus "Raphaëlle" in which she wrote most of the songs.
Her warmth and charisma, her energy, her expressive blues, as well as the depth of her art in the most intimate ballads immediately catch the audience and make every concert an unforgettable moment.

Mariannick Saint-Céran au Caveau de la Huchette